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UA Moving Allowance Policy Reminder

As you begin planning for newly hired employees, please remember that UA adopted a moving allowance policy in 2018 as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that went into effect January 1, 2018.  The Act eliminated the exclusion/deduction for qualified moving expenses, and as a result, UA no longer pays moving companies directly or provides reimbursements to individuals for moving expenses.  Newly hired individuals can use our contract vendors and benefit from our negotiated rates but will pay the vendor directly.  Newly hired employees can elect the timing of the moving allowance payment.  For more information on moving allowances and temporary living allowances, please see Section 9.0 of the UA Spending Policy.

New Mileage Rates for 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, the mileage rate paid to persons traveling in privately owned vehicles on official business for the state will be 58 cents per mile (up from 54.5 cents in 2018). These mileage rates are available in Concur and on the Accounts Payable website Mileage Rates page. When entering mileage in your Concur Expense Report, please ensure that you are including the correct Transaction Date in the Mileage Form. For example, if travel occurred in 2018, please ensure you have entered the correct transaction date in 2018 in order to properly calculate the mileage.

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Holiday Break Reminders

Remember that the holiday season is upon us! We all get very busy in the days before the holiday break. Avoid the rush in Accounts Payable by submitting your Expense Reports and Invoice Payment Requests as soon as possible. We would like to process all of your payments for you prior to the upcoming break.

Concur Year-End Information

With year-end deadlines approaching, we would like to emphasize the importance of placing transactions for FY18 and FY19 on separate Concur Expense Reports as well as carefully entering the invoice date on your Concur Invoice Payment Requests as the procedures for Prepaid and Accrued Expenses have been updated for the upcoming fiscal year end.

Prepaid expenses (items paid for in the current year but the goods or services will not be received until the next fiscal year):  Account code 107101 Prepaid Expense will no longer be available in Concur.  Be sure to use your normal expense account code in Concur for these items.  Please note in Details/Comments in Concur, in your report header in Concur and/or on your backup documentation the appropriate year for expenditure (for example, FY18 or FY19).  AP/P-Card Services will apply a fiscal year indicator based on this information.  All transactions on the report will be classified as either FY18 or FY19, so it is very important that you not commingle FY18 and FY19 charges on one report.  If this occurs, AP/P-Card Services will return the FY19 transactions to you to be included on a separate report.  Financial Accounting will run reports weekly to move prepaid expenses to the prepaid account code for the current year and reverse in the new year.

Accrued expenses (expenses incurred in the current year but not paid until the next fiscal year):  Be sure to carefully enter the invoice date in Concur.  The invoice date for payment requests should reflect when the goods were received or the services were performed.  This may not coincide with the actual invoice date on the invoice.  Please note in Details/Comments in Concur, in your report header in Concur and/or on your backup documentation the appropriate year for expenditure (for example, FY18 or FY19).  AP/P-Card Services will apply a fiscal year indicator based on this information. 

OIT Adds DUO to Concur

Monday, September 10, 2018, DUO two-factor authentication will be added to the Concur login. DUO is designed to protect the sensitive data held within users’ Concur accounts. If you are already a DUO user, on September 10, you will simply begin to see a DUO prompt when logging into Concur. If you are not a DUO user, you will not notice any change. You will be able to login as usual. If you would like to register for DUO, please visit Please contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or with any questions or concerns.

Concur Mobile App Update

The Concur Mobile app is an optional tool that allows Concur users to book travel, capture receipts, and work with expense reports and payment requests from a smartphone or mobile device. Previously, users could also use the ExpenseIt app in order to use more advanced OCR capabilities in order to upload receipts to the Concur system. The ExpenseIt functionality will be available directly in the Concur mobile application, starting on August 13, 2018. What does this mean? ExpenseIt in the Concur mobile app will turn receipts into expense line items and send them directly into Concur Expense without the requirement of an additional app. Users will need to verify that they are using the latest version of Concur mobile, at least 9.52 or above, but there will be no login change for the Concur Mobile App.

Important P-Card Transaction Deadlines

With Fiscal Year 2018 closing in a few short weeks, the P-Card deadline of reconciling previous month transactions by the 18th day of the following month must be followed by all cardholders.  All transactions (travel and non-travel) with a prior month transaction date must be added to a report, submitted, approved by supervisor, budgetary and added approvers, and routed to either P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on the 18th day of the following month.  To assist cardholders in reconciling outstanding transactions by this deadline, cardholders will receive a reminder email with a listing of all outstanding transactions on the 14th of each month.  This email will be sent directly from the Concur system (  If the transactions are not reconciled and received in either Accounts Payable or P-Card Services by 5 pm on the 18th, an email notification will be sent out on the 19th directly to the cardholder and will include the cardholder’s supervisor and applicable budget manager.  Failure to reconcile by the last working day of the month will result in card suspension on the first working day of the next month.

All transactions (travel and non-travel) that have a 6/30/18 or prior transaction date should have been reconciled, approved and routed to P-Card Services or Accounts Payable at this time.  All cardholders with outstanding transactions with a transaction date of June 30, 2018 or prior will receive an email notification today.  If these transactions are not received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on Monday, August 6th, cards will be suspended first thing Tuesday morning, August 7th.  Reconciliation will be monitored on a daily basis and cards will be reactivated after all charges have been reconciled, approved and received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable.  If you have any questions or need help with reconciling, please email

As a reminder, at year-end, cardholders will have a much shorter window to reconcile September transactions in order to post to fiscal year 2018.  Transactions with a September transaction date must be reconciled by October 8th at 5:00 pm.

In-State Per Diems are Increased!

The State of Alabama has increased the per diems for in-state travel!  As you remember, the overnight per diem was $75 for each travel day, and the partial day per diem was $11.25 for travel of 6-12 hours and $30.00 for travel of 12 or more hours. The following rates will be effective for in-state travel occurring on or after July 1, 2018.

  • The allowance for overnight travel will be $85.00 or $100.00 per day, depending on the length of the trip. For travel requiring one overnight stay, the traveler will be paid $85.00 per day.  For travel requiring stays of two or more nights, the traveler will be paid $100.00 per day.
    • One overnight stay at $85 per travel day.
      Example:  Leave Monday & return to base Tuesday = $170
      This traveler will see a $20 increase in his or her per diem allowance for a one night/two day trip.
    • Two or more night stay at $100 per day
      Example:  Leave Monday & return to base Wednesday = $300
      This traveler will see a $75 increase in his or her per diem allowance for a two night/three day trip.
  •  For travel that does not require an overnight stay, the traveler shall be paid a meal allowance of $12.75 (15% of the regular per diem rate of $85.00) for a trip of six to twelve hours’ duration.
  • For travel in excess of twelve hours’ duration, the traveler shall be paid $34.00, which represents one meal allowance and one-fourth of the per diem allowance.

The exception is still in place that allows employees traveling within the State of Alabama to attend a convention, conference, seminar or other meeting of a state, regional, or national organization of which the state or individual is a dues-paying member to be reimbursed according to the UA out-of-state policy.

You will enter your reports in Concur using the same methods and processes as in the past.  We will modify the current In-State Overnight report options and provide both a One Night Stay and a Two or More Night Stay in order to help you more easily calculate the appropriate per diems.

International Travel Requests

In accordance with Board Rule 413, prior approval must be obtained from the President or his designee for international travel.  As such, all UA related international travel for faculty and staff must be submitted using the Concur Request Module as an International Travel Request.  The International Travel Request should be submitted prior to booking travel in order to provide notification to applicable departments on campus. With Concur Request, the University can consistently and thoroughly assess the risk and benefit of international trips in order to enhance the safety of University travelers.  Effective May 1, 2018, all Travel, Entertainment and Reimbursements Expense Reports for international travel must have an approved International Travel Request assigned in Concur. There are multiple ways to assign your International Travel Request to your Expense Report.  Please see the International Travel Request page on the UA Concur Website for instructions.

Vendor Invoice Numbers

We are pleased to announce that your vendor invoice numbers are now printing on the check/direct deposit advice for your vendors for payments from Concur Invoice.  This will allow your vendors to more easily apply your payments to your accounts.  Banner will populate with the final 15 characters from the Invoice Number field in Concur.  Please note that there is no character limit for this field in Concur at this time, so please be mindful that only the final 15 characters will be transmitted to Banner and then to the vendor. 

Invoice Field