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Welcome to The University of Alabama Online Vendor Registration site.  We appreciate your interest in doing business with The University of Alabama!  Vendors must be registered before an order can be placed, or payment issued.  All entities interested in doing business with the University should complete vendor registration.  All updates to vendor information previously provided to the University, e.g. address updates, name changes, etc., should be submitted to the University by completing the online vendor registration form. For information on Vendor Bid Registration, please visite the Vendor Resources page.

If your business receives or expects to receive recurring payments from the University for goods or services, you must enroll for direct deposit.

Information for Students and Employees

Information for Foreign Vendors

Register for a Pending Order or Payment 

If a University department or buyer contacted your company about providing goods or services for the University or if you have previously registered with the University as a vendor and need to update your vendor information, please access the form and select “Register with the University for a pending order or payment.”

Please be assured that the information provided will be protected and your registration assigned an ID number. For your protection and privacy, your information will not be viewable to the campus nor the public.

Vendor Registration Form