The purpose of the Limit Increase Request Form is to request permanent or temporary limit increases, single purchase limit increases, or monthly and single purchase limit increases. This form can be completed by the p-card cardholder or by a delegate. However, a delegate will need the employee’s CWID and last four digits of the credit card.

Once the required information has been entered, all necessary documentation attached (invoice/quote, Branding & Licensing Form, etc.), and the form submitted, the approval workflow begins. If the Transaction Type “Technology, Equipment, Goods and Services” is selected, it will first route to the UA Purchasing Manager for review. If approved, the form then routes to both the Supervisory and Budgetary approvers of the cardholder. Only one approval is needed at this step. Once approved, the form routes onto P-Card Services for processing.

Auto-generated emails will be sent throughout the process to keep everyone involved updated on the status of the request. You may proceed with your order after you receive a final email letting you know the increase has been fully processed.
Please email if you have any questions.

The Limit Increase Request Form has been updated to make buyer selection more efficient. When requesting the option for a Single Purchase Limit Increase Only or a Monthly and Single Purchase Limit Increase, you will now choose the transaction type and will not have to select a buyer. If buyer review is needed, the request will route to the UA Purchasing Manager to select the appropriate buyer. If you have questions about which transaction type to choose, please email

Limit Increase Request Form