It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that all transactions are reconciled, submitted, approved by all approvers (Supervisor and Budgetary approvers and Contract and Grant or Financial Accounting, if needed) and received in the queue of Procurement Services by 5 pm on the 25th of the month following the cycle end date.  Sometimes this date falls on a weekend holiday or needs to be extended or moved up.  Below, you will find the due date for p-card transactions for each cycle.

All dates are Posted Dates unless otherwise specified.

Posting Date RangeDue Date at 5pmSuspension Date
January 26th through February 25th3/25/20243/26/2024
February 26th through March 25th4/25/20244/26/2024
March 26th through April 25th5/28/20245/29/2024
April 26th through May 25th6/25/20246/26/2024
May 26th through June 25th7/25/20247/26/2024
June 26th through July 25th8/26/20248/27/2024
July 26th through August 25th9/25/2024 9/26/2024
August 26th through September 30th10/4/2024**10/7/2024**

**All transactions with a Transaction (or Purchase) date of September 30th or prior will be due early due to fiscal year-end processing timelines.  More information about reconciling deadlines will be provided at a later date.