We are excited to announce that we are incorporating the processing of invoices on purchase orders (PO) into the Concur Travel and Expense System.  This will lead to efficiencies for both campus and Procurement Services.

This new process will impact any invoices on POs submitted after May 3.

What will change for campus users?

The biggest change for campus users is that you will no longer complete receiving on goods and services in buyBama.  This step will now be completed in Concur as described in the training materials below.

How will I submit invoices on purchase orders?

You will use Concur’s Invoice Capture email your invoice to UAPO_invoicecapture@concursolutions.com.  The invoice will be reviewed through an OCR process and will be routed to an AP invoice clerk.   

If your invoice does not include a typed PO number, please locate the PO number and write it on the document and then email the invoice to acctspay@ua.edu.   

How do I complete receiving?

    • Video Demonstration
    • Step by Step Instructions

      After the invoice is captured in the Concur system through the above processes, an AP Invoice Clerk will review the invoice and match it to the PO accordingly.  Once this step is complete, the AP Invoice Clerk will “assign” the invoice the campus user that requested the PO. At this point, the campus user will receive an email stating that the invoice has been assigned to them. They can click on the link in the email to access the invoice or follow the next few steps to locate the invoice in Concur.

      To locate the invoice in Concur, click on the Invoice and then Unsubmitted Invoices.

      From the listing, open the Concur Invoice that you need to mark as received.  Review the attached vendor invoice by clicking on the View Invoice icon.

      View Invoice Icon

      If the goods or services listed in the vendor invoice have been received, note the date received using the calendar feature in the date received field.  

      Click Save.

      Concur Invoice Details Screen

      The final acknowledgement that the goods and services have been received is completed by clicking “Submit Invoice” in the top right hand corner.

What is the approval flow for invoices on POs?

All Concur items route to a supervisor for review and approval.  Invoices on POs will complete this approval step.  Following this step, if all information matches the PO, the invoice will route to Accounts Payable for final processing.  In the case that the invoice exceeds the dollar amount approved as part of the PO review and approval process, the invoice will route to the appropriate buyer and then to the budgetary approver(s) on the org(s) affected. 

What other differences should I expect?

    • Email Notifications – You will now receive email notifications regarding the status of your PO invoices as they progress through the Concur workflow and processes and transmit to Banner for payment.
    • Invoices that are Sent Back – In the case that an invoice needs to be sent back by the buyer to accommodate a change order in , you will simply have to “Unassign” the invoice from your queue and Accounts Payable will make all necessary adjustments.  When complete, Accounts Payable will assign the invoice to you and you will be able to re-submit through the process.