Upon approval of the gift cards for use, Accounts Payable will issue the UA gift cards to the custodian.  The custodian agrees to hold, disburse and track the UA gift cards in accordance with UA policies and procedures.  Custodians agree to perform the below actions for all gift cards issued.

  • Maintain custody of the UA gift cards in a secured location with limited access until they are disbursed.
  • Disburse the UA gift cards for the purpose noted on the Gift Card Request Form
  • Gather all necessary information on the Gift Card Log.
  • Obtain Signature Sheets from each recipient or an approved Research Participant Form.
  • Provide the Gift Card Log and all Signature Sheets to Accounts Payable by the date noted on the form.
  • If holding the UA gift cards for more than one week, inventory and account for the unused gift cards weekly to ensure all are accounted for.
  • Notify recipients that if they individually receive more than $600 of reportable income from the University in a calendar year, the value of the UA gift card will be reported for tax purposes on Form 1099.

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