Do I need to activate my Card?

Yes.  The card CANNOT be used until activated.  To activate the Card, please visit or call 1-888-621-1397.

How do I make a purchase with my Card?

You can use your Card where Visa is accepted by presenting it in person, online or by phone.  Approved transactions will be deducted from the Card balance immediately.

Do I need a Person Identification Number (PIN) to use my Card?

You do not need a PIN.  Select “credit” and sign the receipt.  If you desire a PIN, call 1-888-621-1397.  Obtaining a PIN will not grant access to cash at ATMs or provide cash back with transactions.

What do I do if the Card is declined?

A transaction will be declined when the amount presented by the merchant is more than the remaining balance on the Card.  Subject to merchant procedures, you may be able to pay the difference between the purchase price and the remaining value on your prepaid Card with cash, check, credit card or check card.

Can I use my Card for gas purchases and pay at the pump?

We suggest you go inside and prepay for your gas.  If you pay at the pump, an average purchase of gas will be pre-authorized because the final amount is unknown.  An average purchase amount can vary from $40 to $75.  If your balance does not cover the pre-authorized amount, your transaction will be declined.  Restaurants, rental companies, hotels and other merchants may pre-authorize in this manner.

How can I check the balance on my Card?

Check your balance online at or toll free at 1-888-621-1397.

How long can I use the Prepaid Visa Card?

Use your Card until the balance is zero or it has expired.  Then destroy your Card.

What do I do if my Card is lost or stolen?

Report your Card lost or stolen immediately by calling toll free 1-888-621-1397.

Are there any fees charged to my Card?

A lost or stolen card replacement fee is charged if the Card is replaced.  See the Cardholder Agreement provided with the Card for a complete list of fees

Can I use my card for studies where the recipients must remain anonymous?

Yes. You may use the virtual gift card option and put the name “Confidential Recipient” in the name fields when filling out the gift card request form in Concur.

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