As stated in the June 11, 2021, memo from Dr. James Dalton and Matt Fajack, University-sponsored domestic travel is no longer prohibited. In an effort to control University-sponsored travel costs, all overnight travel to out-of-state destinations must be approved by the traveler’s supervisor via a Pre-Trip Approval Form prior to committing to travel-related expenses. The Pre-Trip Approval Form will request high-level information about the trip including estimated costs, funding source(s), and explanations on why the travel is essential. Please complete the Pre-Trip Approval Form prior to booking any travel. The form will route to your supervisor listed in Concur for approval.  When approved, you will receive a PDF of the approved form that you should then attach to any Concur Expense Reports related to the travel.

Note: If a trip is fully covered by contract and grant funds, then the Pre-Trip Approval Form is not required.


Pre-Trip Approval Form


Frequently Asked Questions

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