When do I use the Entertainment Expense Form?

Section 6.3 of the UA Spending Policy details the documentation required for any entertainment expenditures.  Completing the Entertainment Expense Form will ensure that the following is documented in accordance with UA Policy.  If you can include all required information below in the Concur Expense Report or Concur Invoice, the Entertainment Expense Form does not have to be attached.

  • Identification of the person or group to be entertained, including the relationship of the persons in attendance to the particular aspects of the University program that will be benefited. This information includes titles, committee names, the field of interest of the person or group being entertained, the reason for inviting the visitor(s) to campus, and other relevant details.
    • For entertainment of small groups (10 or fewer), the names of all persons attending must be shown.
    • For entertainment of 10 or more individuals, only the name or names of the honored guest or guests must be indicated, with the number of persons attending.
  • A statement as to the reason or purpose of the entertainment, including the purpose and benefits of the program to the University must be clearly indicated and understood by anyone outside the department reviewing the voucher.
    • If the function that included the entertainment is held away from the University campus, an agenda for the function must be attached.
    • If entertainment includes only UA employees, an explanation as to why it had to occur at breakfast, lunch, or dinner is necessary.
    • The date and place of entertainment.

As a reminder, entertainment events can include meals and refreshments at UA functions if the meals and refreshments are incidental to the meeting or training. The primary purpose of the meeting or educational/training session in which the meal or refreshments are provided or consumed shall be directly related to the business of the University.

Travel & Invoice: International Airfare Booking

Please remember that due to the availability of local carriers in various countries and locations, international airfare bookings are exempt from the Concur booking requirement. These bookings must still be paid for with a UA P-Card. Travelers do not need to reach out to Accounts Payable for prior approval of international bookings outside of the Concur system. All domestic air travel is required to be booked through Concur or Christopherson Business Travel using a UA P-Card.

P-Card Out of Office Tips

It’s almost summertime at UA, and many faculty and staff members are traveling for both business and pleasure. If you are planning on going out of town for an extended period of time, a little preparation can go a long way in preventing any disruption in p-card usage for you and your department.

If you would like for P-Card Services to temporarily suspend your card while you’re traveling, you can email pcard@ua.edu and let us know when you’ll be out of town. It would also be a good idea to assign a delegate in Concur in case anything comes up while you’re out.

Whether you’re a cardholder or an approver, it’s a great idea to download the Concur Mobile app so that you can quickly prepare, review, and approve reports on the go. Instructions for setting up Concur Mobile can be found on the Concur website.

If you’re traveling to a location where cell service or internet service are unreliable, please contact pcard@ua.edu prior to your trip so that we can help you and your department come up with a plan for preparing, reviewing, and approving reports in your absence.

US Bank’s Access Online

Access Online user profiles are set up for UA purchasing card holders. Access Online will allow cardholders to view posted transactions, single purchase and monthly limits, balances, available credit, and other account details. If you would like to use this resource, please view the registration instructions and then log into Access Online for the first time and finish setting up your profile.

Please note: Accountholders with a ghost account (no physical plastic) will not have access to their accounts in Access Online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact pcard@ua.edu.

In-State Travel

When completing an Expense Report in Concur for overnight travel within the State of Alabama, you should select the Report Type based on the reimbursement method you are using (See UA Travel Policy Section 10.0 – In-State Travel for UA Employees). If utilizing the GSA reimbursement method, select “Domestic Overnight” as the Report Type within the Report Header. If utilizing the State of Alabama in-state per diem reimbursement method, select “In-State Overnight (1 night)” or “In-State Overnight (2 or more nights)” as the Report Type within the Report Header.

Payment Processing

The University of Alabama’s preferred method of payment is direct deposit. All payments should be made via direct deposit when submitting expense reports and payment requests. Direct deposit (ACH) payments are processed daily. In the event a check must be issued, checks are only printed once a week, on Wednesday. Payments (check and direct deposit) for Foundations are processed once a week. For all types of payments, allow at least seven to ten business days for processing by Accounts Payable. All payments should be processed timely.

Concur Invoice Reminder

When submitting invoices for payment through the Concur Invoice module, please make sure to select the exact vendor that matches the vendor being paid. After selecting the vendor, you can verify payment to the correct vendor by comparing the Vendor Information displayed in Concur to the information on the Invoice documentation (Vendor Invoice, Vendor Disclosure Statements, Independent Contractor Forms, etc.). Please be sure to review the Vendor Name, Vendor Address, and Currency before submitting your invoice for payment.

Additional information on submitting invoices can be found in the Concur Invoice User Guide. If you need any assistance in the vendor selection process, please email the Concur Help Desk at concur@ua.edu.

Did you know you can create car mileage expenses using the Mileage Calculator Link in Concur Expense?

With the expense report open, click the Add Expense button and select the Vehicle Mileage Expense Type. The mileage form will open with the required and optional fields displayed, including the Mileage Calculator link. Complete all required and optional fields as appropriate. Click the Mileage Calculator link and review and update the route as appropriate. If round trip mileage should be calculated, click Make Round Trip. Click Add Mileage to Expense and then click Save.

Using personal automobiles for business travel is reimbursable when it is the most economical mode of transportation or when safety issues justify the additional cost. The Traveler will be reimbursed up to the current IRS-authorized mileage rate for miles incurred. Current IRS mileage rates are maintained on the Accounts Payable website. Please review the links below for additional information.


Branding & Licensing Approval Forms

Before ordering custom-printed items such as promotional items and clothing, please review the information provided on Purchasing’s website regarding Branding & Licensing. A Branding & Licensing Approval Form is required for these items and should be attached as documentation for the expense in Concur. If a purchase is made without approval, it is possible that the product will not be allowable and will need to be refunded by the company or reimbursed to UA.