General Questions

How do I check on the status of an MDV or Travel Voucher?

Where can I obtain supporting documentation for an item on my budget statement?

I received email notification of my direct deposit, but the funds are not in my account yet. What should I do?

How do I acquire a copy of a cancelled check?

How do I place a stop payment on a check?


How do I determine what account code to use?



Where can I get a W-9 form or tax identification number to The University of Alabama?

When do I need an Independent Contractor Form (I/C)?

Where do I send contracts for review and authorized signature?


Miscellaneous Disbursement Vouchers (MDVs)

What documentation is required?

Are certain expenditures prohibited?

Can alcoholic beverages be reimbursed?

What types of entertainment are allowed?

What information must be included in order for payment of entertainment expenses to be made?

Is there a limit on the amount that can be spent on business entertainment meals?

How do I request payment be made in foreign currency?

I have a situation that is not addressed in the UA Spending Policy. What should I do?


Purchase Order (PO) Invoicing

Who do I contact for help with receiving in buyBAMA?

How do I determine if an invoice has been paid?

How do I close out a purchase order or release an encumbrance?

How do I ensure that a credit memo is applied to the correct FOAP?



Is prior approval required for travel?

Can I obtain an advance prior to my trip?

How do I obtain a credit card to use on official trips?

Is travel associated with a contract or grant handled differently from other travel?

How should registration fees be paid?

How should my hotel deposit be paid?

How should my airfare be paid?

Are incidental expenses reimbursable?

What receipts should be retained for documentation?

How is reimbursement handled when several people travel together on UA business?


Is there a deadline or time frame that must be adhered to for obtaining reimbursement?

I have a situation that is not addressed in the UA Travel Policy. What should I do?