When a University employee travels within the State of Alabama on official University business, the employee is reimbursed on a per diem basis for expenses other than transportation based on the duration of travel according to the chart below.  The P-Card cannot be used to pay for any expenses covered by in-state per diem (lodging, meals, and gratuities).

In accordance with Section 36-7-20 of the Code of Alabama 1975 as amended, effective October 1, 1996, per diem allowance is as follows:

Per DiemDuration of Travel
$11.25Travel of six to twelve hours
$30.00Travel of twelve hours or more which does not include an overnight stay
$75.00Each day or portion of a day when an overnight stay is required


In-state travel for non-employees is reimbursed as actual cost pursuant to out-of-state travel limits and guidelines.