Airfare Classes Available in Concur

  • August 26th, 2022
  • in News

We have communicated previously ( that our travel agency did not recommend the offering of the lowest basic airfare options due to the lack of benefits and the increased restrictions associated with these fares.  As a result, when reviewing flights on both Concur and external booking sites, travelers would contact us stating that cheaper flights can be found outside of the system.  When researching these instances, we typically determined that the traveler was not comparing the same fare/class of ticket.  We have worked with our travel agent to add the lower-class fares to the online booking tool, so basic economy fares are now included in the search results.  Please remember that these fares are very restrictive (no changes, no seat assignments until check-in, no frequent flyer points earned, one carry-on, etc.).  Please always be aware of which fare option you are booking in the system and know that all available options in the system are allowable flights.  Accounts Payable can continue to review any variances you see between Concur and external sites.