New Concur User Interface – Now Live!

  • June 13th, 2022
  • in News

The new Concur User Interface (UI) went live for all campus users on Monday, June 13.  All training reference documents on the Concur Website have been updated to provide users with ample resources to navigate this change. Additionally, we will hold Help Sessions in the Procurement Services Building to provide in-person assistance related to this update. After using the new interface, if you would like to attend a help session, please sign up using this Registration Link.

As a reminder, this update will only impact the Request and Expense modules for the user creating and submitting reports. Concur Travel Bookings, Concur Invoice, and the Concur Mobile App will not change as part of this UI change.

This new UI is intended to provide users with a more accessible design and an improved user experience. It is easier to learn, should save users time, and make it easier to complete many tasks. Accessibility is also improved as the new UI provides a more intuitive and approachable experience for users with visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, or speech disabilities to use our solutions, making them more inclusive.

Throughout the pilot phase, we have received questions primarily on two topics – Available Expenses and Available Receipts.

Available Expenses
The Available Expenses section includes items that could be true P-Card charges, e-Receipts, or itineraries. In the Old Concur User Interface, P-Card transactions, e-receipts, and itinerary items had a “Source” column that colored icons to indicate what type of expense the line item was. In the New Concur User Interface, the Source column has been replaced with a “Payment Type” column.
1. US Bank PCard – this Payment Type indicates that the transaction was paid with a US Bank P-Card.
2. Pending Card Transaction – This is an itinerary, e-receipt, or mobile app receipt picture that has not yet matched with a p-card transaction. This line item does not have to be reconciled until the card charge posts.

Please be mindful that P-Card transactions typically take 3-5 business days from the date the card was swiped to post into Concur. Please make sure you are waiting until card transactions post and reconcile only US Bank P-Card items from your Available Expenses.

This is summarized further with screenshots included in the Available Expenses Changes Guide.

Available Receipts
The Available Receipts sections includes receipts that have been uploaded to Concur or emailed from a verified email address. Previously, in the Old Concur User Interface, users could drag and drop multiple files at once from their desktop or another folder to their Available Receipts section. In the New Concur User Interface, the drag and drop ability has been removed. Pilot users have been frustrated with this change as they do not want to upload many receipt files separately. There is a solution. When you click Upload Receipt Image and navigate to the folder that houses your receipt files, you can select multiple files to upload at once by holding down the Ctrl key as you are selecting files for upload. This will allow you to select multiple files to upload at one time.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please reach out to the Concur Help Desk.