Concur Org Detail Report Reminder

  • November 11th, 2019
  • in News

Did you know that we can automatically deliver your monthly Concur activity to you in a downloadable spreadsheet?  On the 5th of each month, Concur generates and emails the “Concur Org Detail Report – Prior Month Activity” to all org approvers and additional assigned recipients by Banner org.  If you do not recall receiving these emails, but you are assigned as an org approver, please check your Outlook rules and your junk folder.  These emails are delivered from “,” so if you have set a rule for Concur emails, then you might be automatically filtering these.  We have received great feedback on these reports, so please make sure you are reviewing to see if they will be helpful for you and your processes.  If you do not receive the reports but think that they would be useful, please email and request to be added.  Please include the org number that you would need to receive.