How do I input travel meals when I am electing to take less than the allowable Per Diem?

  • March 1st, 2018
  • in News

When travelling on University business, often faculty and staff will elect to receive less than the allowable per diem amount for meal and incidentals that applies to their travel destination in order to conserve department funds for other uses. This is an acceptable practice. In order to input this into Concur, you have two options. You can build an itinerary to prepopulate the allowable per diems and then select all meals that were provided in order to reduce the per diem allowance that will be received. The other option is to input an amount below the allowable per diem directly into the Expense Report under the account code titled “Meals reimbursed below Allowable Per Diem – 72613.” This will indicate to all individuals in the approval flow that the meals you have entered are less than the allowable per diem for the travel destination.