Sponsorship Approvals

Remember to submit your sponsorships to Accounts Payable for review and approval prior to entering into any sponsorship agreements. Many UA departments sponsor events, organizations, and activities where a mutually beneficial relationship exists. For these sponsorships, Accounts Payable will review the purpose of the sponsored entity, the business purpose for the sponsorship, and the benefits UA will receive, either directly or indirectly. Please also state in your explanation if any UA logo or artwork will be included in any event materials. If so, prior to obtaining sponsorship approval from Accounts Payable, you must route the sponsorship through the Branding and Licensing Approval Form process and provide the approved form to Accounts Payable. Also include any available sponsorship agreements or invoices with your information for review. Remember if the sponsorship agreement includes a line for a UA signature, the agreement will have to be reviewed by Contract Management as well. Submit all sponsorships for approval to Mary Katherine Weaver.