Branding Approval for Sponsorships

Strategic Communications recently announced that all advertising and marketing materials must route through their office for review and approval effective March 1st.  All materials that go to external audiences and all advertising materials will need to use this process. This includes, but is not limited to, print advertising, brochures and other collateral materials, giveaway items, invitations, digital ads and graphics, radio and television ads, outdoor advertisements (billboards, bus shelters, bus wraps, etc.), magazines and other promotional materials.  This guidance will apply to any sponsorships in which UA’s logo or any other artwork will be included in any of the event materials.  Prior to obtaining sponsorship approval from Accounts Payable, you must route the sponsorship through the Branding and Licensing Approval Form process. 

For more information on the updated policy, please visit the Brand Approval page on the Strategic Communications website.